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Mining supports the very foundation of our economy. From the stone and gravel used to build roads and lay foundations for homes and buildings, to coal and uranium used to generate more than half of the nation's electricity, to the copper wire that connects billions of computers to a global social and commercial network, our economy and way of life depend on the vital resources provided by mining.

The Utah Mining Association (UMA), established in 1915, helps to promote and protect the mining industry. UMA provides its members with full-time professional industry representation before the State Legislature; various government regulatory agencies on the federal, state and local levels; other associations, and business and industry groups.

Education in mining and minerals is encouraged to further the understanding of the role this critical industry and its products play in people's lives, and to foster a spirit of community cooperation.

Mining is Integral to the Quality of your Life!

Please contact us if you need further information. Our e-mail address is mining@utahmining.org

Mark Compton, President
Josh Brown, Chairman
Marilyn Tuttle, Office Manager

136 South Main St., Suite 408, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Tel.: 801-364-1874

Mining Ambassador Program

The Utah Mining Association (UMA) is developing an ambitious, comprehensive education campaign that expands and enhances mining education in Utah to further the public’s understanding of the critical role the mining industry plays in everyone’s lives.

UMA’s Mining Ambassador program is in the first phase of this comprehensive education campaign, and is focused on providing Utah 4th graders a positive education on mining as a supplement to their earth science curriculum.

The program successfully launched in August 2012, and UMA mining ambassadors are now visiting 4th grade classrooms to present information about minerals and metals and help make the connection between mining and students’ daily lives.


The Mining Ambassador, a representative from a Utah mining company, will present an hour presentation on mining. Their message focuses on needs of mined materials in today's society, safety, operations, reclamation, and jobs. In our inaugural year, we received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and we are excited to expand this program. This program is free. We try our best to accommodate all requests for presentations. To request a presentation at your school email us at education@utahmining.org with the following information:

School name and address; contact name, contact email and phone number; number of 4th grade classes and number of students per class; and what dates you would like to have the presentation. Please send several dates.

UMA Members:

The Mining Ambassador program will be a success only with the participation and support of UMA members. The commitment needed from the UMA membership includes individual commitment of members’ time and talent, funding commitment (both financial and “in kind”) and sponsorship commitment associated with various aspects of the education programs as they are developed.

It’s time for the mining industry to step up, tell our story, and provide the facts. The pledge form below indicates various ways you and your company can help make UMA’s education efforts successful. Please contact Marilyn Tuttle at 801-364-1874 or mining@utahmining.org to let us know how you can help!

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May 14, 6:30 PM - 2nd Annual Miners Memorial Fundraiser Dinner, Carbon County Events Center, Price, UT. For more information, contact Dennis Ardohain at 435-636-7007

May 14-15 - RMCMI Four Corners Regional Meeting (AZ, CO, NM, UT), Price, Utah.

May 20-21 - Governor's Energy Development Summit, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT. Click here for more information.

June 23 - Education Golf Touranment. Stonebridge Golf Course, 4415 Links Drive, West Valley City.(all proceeds go toward our education program)
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June 28-30, 2015 - Rocky Mountain Coal Mining Institute Annual Conference, Snowmass, CO.

August 19-21 - 100th Annual Convention and Golf Tournament


Need MSHA Training?

Price Mine Service -- 435-637-9000 or visit their website at: http://pricemineservice.com/training/

The Safety Consortium -- 801-746-2462 or visit their website at http://www.thesafetyconsortium.com

Utah Safety Council -- 801-476-7233 ext. 305 or visit their website at: http://www.utahsafetycouncil.org/training/mine_health.asp

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