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Mining Ambassador Program- 4th Grade

Dear 4th Grade Teacher:

The Utah Mining Association (UMA) is pleased to offer our 4th grade Mining Ambassador program. This free program, in which an ambassador presents information about the Utah mining industry to 4th grade classrooms, enhances the resource development and mining education curriculum and helps make the connection between mining and students' lifestyle and standard of living.

The Mining Ambassador program program provides the following enhancement to your resource development education curriculum:

  • A Mining Ambassador will come to your school and provide a one-hour presentation to 4th grade students that is both educational and entertaining.
  • The program teaches students: 1) how critical resource development is to modern life, 2) the importance of safety, 3) how modern day miners work in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way, and 4) the high paying jobs that are generated throughout the community because of resource development.
  • This program can be provided either to a single classroom or to a combined assembly of 4th grade classes, depending on your preference. Our ambassadors find it works very well to present to larger groups. The Mining Ambassador will leave behind a classroom kit with various materials you can use to enhance resource development learning.
  • This program is offered at no cost to you.

We have a number of Mining Ambassadors available throughout Utah. If you would like to schedule a Mining Ambassador presentation, or have additional questions about the program, please e-mail the Utah Mining Association at with the following information:

Name of School:

School Street Address and City:

Name of Contact:
        Contact Email:
        Contact Phone:

Number of 4th grade classes:

Number of Students per class:

Preferred date for presentation:

Alternate date(s) for presentation:

With the above information completely filled out, we can correctly identify a Mining Ambassador to provide the presentation. Mining Ambassadors leave behind a classroom resource kit with activity sheets, ore samples, and other items. The assigned Mining Ambassador will contact the school directly (with the above information provided) to coordinate the exact date and time, equipment needs, and final instructions.

We are proud of our Mining Ambassador program, and teacher feedback since our launch in 2012 indicates it is a wonderful supplement to the 4th grade earth science curriculum.

We look forward to coming to your classroom and meeting you and your students.



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